Friday, July 6, 2012

Chart, Listen, Buy, Chill with’s Weekly Music Charts

With midsummer temps hovering near the boiling point, the last thing you want to do is trudge around Internet seeking out tunes to cool down too.  No worries, Smooth Jazz Global Radio provides the ice the in your Margarita.  Innovative and easy, just navigate your web browser to’s Top 50, Top 50 Indie or check the tunes on the radar at Radar Chart.   
Top 50 

Support your favorite artist.  Smooth Jazz Global Radio charts give you the info, artist website, buy CDs, download, all by clicking the album cover. 

Don't forget is with you always on it's new mobile device app.  Apps feature live streaming music, purchase options, charts, social connectivity, festivals and the famous Listening Loft. and fans can enjoy tunes anywhere from a coffee house to a bluetooth equipped automobile. 

iTunes DOWNLOAD : Radio App
iTunes DOWNLOAD : Radio App

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