Sunday, April 8, 2012 Global Radio signs with Green Door Mediaworks

A truly progressive Internet radio station requires a truly progressive media company to honcho and inspire its P.R. and social networking!

Green Door Mediaworks' trailblazer and founder, Ryan Whaley fits in perfectly with our hard working, technology-centric team at he totally gets what we're up to and where we're going! We have so much faith in him that we're offering his comprehensive and modern media services to our artist and label clients!

Green Door Mediaworks' services go well beyond traditional communications... which makes them ideal for our Smooth Global Radio properties. and it's subsidiaries have been pioneers of Internet radio since I acquired the domain name in 1995. Donna Phillips and I launched global broadcasting in 2000, when we saw terrestrial FM jazz stations closing all over North America and we have attempted to fill the void with is becoming the most popular way to listen to music.

We think of as a human experience... more then just music streaming, but also cool DJ's, lifestyle information and social interaction via the website, festivals and events and social media channels.

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~Sandy Shore Surpasses Eight Million Monthly Tune Ins

   Quarter-million unique visitors to Global Radio

   Facebook page continues to grow to nearly 14,000 Likes

Monterey, CA - April 09, 2012 - With worldwide Internet radio and track play continuing to increase, sticks to its roots by providing the coolest new music from new and favorite contemporary jazz and pop artists to fit the tastes and lifestyle of its global audience.   While increasing its Internet listening presence to more then eight million tune-ins and a quarter-million unique visitors each month. continues to see yearly growth while offering more products and services.  “We are excited with the steady growth and future of” said founder and president, Sandy Shore. “However, remaining respectful to our listeners and providing them with an outlet that represents their sophisticated, yet relaxed lifestyle remains a core value.” continues to provide successful marketing and branding services for genre artists as well as major recording labels and continues to diversify by offering public relations and social media services.